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Wellness Checkup

Gardenia Wellness Center is a health care space where we help you discover the path to a healthier life. We provide a full range of healthcare services, including a healthy diet and exercise for an overall wellness package. We also offer specific add-on packages that are important for preventive care to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

Our team of professionals would be happy to help you out if you would like to get a health assessment or some additional information about our services. For more information, contact us today!

What is health coaching?

Health Coaching is a new health care profession that includes a set of competencies used to help people move towards their health goals. It is a coaching service that keeps you motivated and accountable to become healthier through accountability and motivation.

Health Coaches are trained and trusted advisors that help patients nourish the mind, body, and soul through personalized health and wellness education. They have a thorough understanding of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition. As a result, they can empathize with clients facing health challenges to comprehend how these factors contribute to health.

The right coach can also help clients develop new habits and make lasting changes. Health coaches do not simply provide information; they create transformation. People can use health coaching to transition from health risk to health promotion or disease management.


Gardenia Wellness Coaching Method

Gardenia Wellness is a health and wellness center with a mission to provide the highest quality of service to help clients live the life they want. We offer a range of services from nutrition coaching to personal training and everything in between. Our coaches are passionate about helping our clients find self-love and confidence through holistic health.

How our coach facilitates the coaching session:

  • Motivational interviewing. MI is a counseling technique that our coaches use to help people discover their motivation and strategies for change. 
  • Positive psychology. Our coaches studies how the mind and behavior work rather than fixing what is broken. We have a growth mindset views for better performance.
  • Understanding the stages of change. We give appropriate support at each stage of change.
  • Creating and reversing habits. Developing healthy habits is one of our coaches’ primary purposes.
  • Setting and tracking goals. Our coaches help people keep track of their progress and accomplish their goals.

By exploring new ways of living and creating a more balanced lifestyle, we are here to help you enjoy life!


Treatment Benefits

Blood Circulation
Prevent Infections
Improve the appearance
Improve Nail Health

Pricing & Rates

Classic Manicure
45 min

Treat areas such as the legs, arms, back or abdomen with area specific sources of goodness

Classic Pedicure
60 min

A classic full body, light-medium pressure Swedish massage integrating the intuitive techniques

Ultimate Pedicure
60 min

This treatment begins with a selection of pure, grade organic essential oil blend of oils

Classic Manicure & Pedicure Combo
60 min

This treatment begins with a selection of pure, grade organic essential oil blend of oils